Jeff's Bike through axel conversion Tune

Jeff’s Bike – Tune axle swap. 9mm to through-axle

Is your old Tune hub looking sad and neglected cos you dropped her for some swanky new model?

No problemo.

1. Bash out the old axle  (on the right), using the closest approximation to the official tool that you have ; )
2. Bash out the old bearings. (15x28x7mm).
3. Bash in some NEW bearings. The same bearings that you get in a Hope rear hub.
(17x28x7mm). I got them from ShockCraft.
4. Insert the new oversized axle that you bought from Krischan at

And whacko-the-diddle-oh chicken treat. You are good to go.

Sell your old axle to a weener on

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