Jeff's Bike Paint

Jeff’s Bike – New paint

I recently got my Karate Monkey soda-blasted and powder-coated in Upper Hutt.
I was very impressed with the finish and friendliness of the folks up there.

I went to Burt at Powder Surfaces Upper Hutt. Phone: +64 4-526 9369, and he sent me around the corner to Kevin at Plateau Sand & Soda Blasting for the prep. Phone: +64 4-526 8192 .

You want to coordinate it so that the frame isn’t sitting around after being blasted for too long. I was very pleased with the result which was at least as good as the previous place I went to, and substantially cheaper.

Powder coating will not get the kind of finish that you would get from high-end spray painting, but there is no comparison with the cost.  I think it’s a pretty good compromise.

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