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Jeff’s Bike – Jeff’s Bike Blog: Some Tour Aotearoa links

Training for the Tour Aotearoa
 For some of you preparing for a bikepacking event is a bit new. 3000 kilometres is a long way, but the more prepared you are, the more fun it will be. There is a saying that goes “any plan is better than no plan”.

Looking at Kiwi options for bikepacking bags/mounts

Tour Aotearoa 2016 – bikepacking the length of New Zealand…
The Tour Aotearoa was a vehicle for the organiser Jonathan Kennett to introduce a new cycle path from the northern most tip of the country to …

Jeff and Nils, at Pouto. Photo Matt Dewes

Nil’s bike – Tour Aotearoa 2016
Like me, Nils van der Heide lives in Wellington, and yet I only met him once before the 2016 Tour Aotearoa. His bike was a bit different to most, …

Tour Aotearoa Sports Illustrated Bikini edition – 4 different rigs
Feb 14, 2016 … Building a bike for the Tour Aotearoa is not that easy. With the TA just around the corner ( feb 21 for wave 1) we have finally got to the pointy …

Joes bike – Tour Aotearoa 2016
I met Joe Jagusch while waiting for someone else to finish the Tour Aotearoa the other day. I was impressed by his inventive bike build.

Tour Aotearoa 2018, a short re-cap.

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