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Jeff’s Bike – An alternative to the latest Iphone

World hunger, Global warming and conflict around the world took a back
seat in the media this week, as the latest Iphone was launched. Should I
replace my 2 year old entry level Android phone with a brand new Iphone
that is still inferior to it in many ways ? Not that I was seriously
considering it, but my contemplation was interrupted by the tinkle of a
bell. It was the cafeteria staff at my work place who had launched a new 10:30
trolley-run, pimping their goods, healthy sandwiches, buns, and …
Ginger Crunch! Hmmm Ginger Crunch. The second I wrapped my lips around
that Ginger Crunch, any thought of Apples was gone.

10 reasons why Ginger crunch is better than an Iphone  5.

1. A piece of Ginger crunch is more intuitive to use. Nom nom nom
2. You don’t have to line up for a day to buy the latest Ginger crunch.
3. Like the Iphone, a piece of Ginger crunch doesn’t have NFC, Swype, a removable battery or SD card either, but who cares.
4. You don’t have to buy a new adaptor for your Ginger crunch to make it compatible.
5. If you drop your piece of Ginger crunch on the ground it wont shatter.
6. No matter how you hold your Ginger crunch, it will never drop a call.
7. No jury (even in Cupertino) is going to convict your Granny for baking Ginger crunch with rounded corners.
8. In three years time 60% of the Ginger crunch made today wont be emitting toxic waste at the bottom of your local landfill.
9. No one actually cares what model your Ginger Crunch is.
10. Ginger crunch is open source. Anyone can make it.

Here is the recipe:

Make some Ginger crunch, stimulate the local market and save the planet.

A relevant link here from the Oatmeal.

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